Are Our Exterior Looks That Important?

I was on my lunch break, my friend was going out for a smoke and I went along as I wanted some sun (funny right? Coming from the girl who hates to get a tan). We were just chatting, and happened to go on the topic of my friend wanting more friends that can introduce him to more girls. I then said ‘ask **** he has loads of friends’. We somehow got on to the topic of ****’s friends and I said I think I met a few when I went to a gig with my sister, **** and KW his brother.
Then my friend asked if I thought KW was good-looking? My reply was simple: yes he is. Friend asks ‘even before he lost weight? Cause I didn’t think he was then’. My reply was simple again : ‘yep, lets just put it this way KW is someone who I have had a soft spot for since day 1 that I’ve met him’.
Friend: ‘ohhh really?’
Me: ‘now don’t go thinking things!’

So it brings me to the topic are our looks essential to finding a partner? I’m referring to the bit where my friend asked ‘even before he lost weight?’.
I instinctively thought: ok so someone has some slight exterior changes and your opinion of them changes?.

I know my friend didn’t mean it that way but that’s just how I thought. You can call it being over sensitive or over thinking but I don’t think I am, its just the way I instinctively think. No changing that I’m afraid!

Makes me wonder what will happen if I like lost a LOT of weight? Will be start treating me differently? Will people starting giving me a lot more attention!? Well I’m happy with the way I am and that’s all that matters. I just want a healthier lifestyle.

Ok so it’s not unusual for people to first look at a person’s exterior when judging to consider them as a potential partner but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor ‘Oh I’ve got a hot guy/girl’ what if they have no brains? You know the saying good-looking people are thick…… I don’t want to generalise but it is true to some extent. I was never really the type of person who would go out with someone due to looks, well there is that saying that only ‘ugly’ people say things like that and yes I’m not the most attractive person but I really don’t think I say/think that because I don’t think I can get a ‘good looking’ guy. LOL

I suppose the point of this post is that inner beauty conquers all ^____^ Cliché? Maybe…


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