The Nice Guy

A friend of mine had kind of arranged a ‘date’ for me ¬_____¬ much to my displease. Well I suppose what I didn’t like the most was how it was set up…. it was like a double date…. arrgggg.

This guy my friend had set me up with (I’ll call him J), I’ve met him once or twice before, not much of an opinion on him to be honest, as we’ve never really talked. My friend said he thinks J is ‘keen’ on me, I instinctively thought ‘how can that be’. My friend managed to get me to agree to go on this set up, well not like I had much else to do. LOL

In all honesty the dinner went well, it was nice, just a group of friends chatting. J is a nice decent guy but was there any attraction? If I’m honest I don’t think there was, not on my end at least. May be its because I just don’t really know J that well yet and as my other friend Danielle says “most relationships either start off as friends making that next step or that there was that initial attraction there”

Well we shall see if anything happens after, but even if it doesn’t turn out the way my friend had hoped, I just hope I at least made a new friend.


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