The Nice Guy pt.2

As I’ve mentioned in the ‘The Nice Guy‘ post, a friend of mine had set me up with a guy I call J. Since that post I had gone on a second date with J and to be honest, it did not go well.

J is a really nice guy, good looking too, you can tell well brought up and will possibly become a very good family man but there was no attraction on my side, no spark either.

Originally he had planned dinner and a movie (your typical date I suppose), but I though it was a bit to ‘full on’? for just a second date. I wanted something lighter, something casual, light hearted. So I suggested how about we meet up early afternoon and go for a coffee/light lunch and a walk about (I love walk abouts), a get to know each other date.

I suppose thats what exactly happened, we met up around half 12pm by south bank. Took a little scroll and then headed to Star Bucks for coffee, there we sat for some time just chatting, or should I say I chatted ¬_____¬.  Maybe hes generally quite quiet, but I felt a little like a conversation starter and I could quite happily and easily sit in Star Bucks for hours silent!! I do not think I’m the talkative type, I’m more the listener. But it was too awkward…. I thought to myself whats not to like? Hes tall (around 5’8-5’9, I’m like not even 5′ ¬¬), hes good looking, hes nice, in a stable career… so why wasn’t I attracted? I’m not pretty, just your average girl, I’m short, I am no where near the ‘perfect’ body shape lol So why?

I ask for little, but attraction, that physically attraction is important to me, that spark between us. Or should I put it more simply? I want to look at you and want to rip your shirt off?? HAHAHAHAHA No I’m joking, I don’t mean attraction in a sexual way (although thats good too). Just attraction, something that makes me want to have you, makes me want to want you. That when I close me eyes, you’re who I see.


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