Day 3: Your Idea of The Perfect First Date

Is there anything as the Perfect First Date?? I’m not to sure to be honest, but as with all females you do have that idea of what you would like to happen on a first date, so here is my run down.

  • A first date should be something light, not to heavy handed.
  • Where you can chat and get to know a little more about each other, regardless if you knew each other before. As I believe a friend is not the same as a lover/partner. You may know someone really well as a friend but they can be completely different in the character as a lover/partner.
  • Maybe start off with coffee (in Starbucks preferably, no it has to be Starbucks LOL None of that Caffe Nero!), sit over a coffee and just chat, well to be honest  I’m not the talkative type but I’m not completely silent, though I do prefer to take on the listener role.
  • Take a scroll, I love (well maybe love a too strong of a word) to walk, nice long slow paced walks, especially if the weather is great!!!
  • Possibly dinner at a not so posh place, somewhere normal LOL
  • What I really want to be able to find is that initial spark, that initial physical attraction (that later one I will probably want to rip your shirt off LOL), but don’t give me everything all in the one date, stay a little mysterious. You know you want me to want to go on that second date and of course I will remain a little mysterious too ^____^

LOL Just like the picture above!! That initial spark ^__________^


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