Day 8: A Song That Matches Your Mood

I’m actually pretty tired at this very moment!!! Start work at 7am all week has taken its toll on me!!! So I wonder what song shall I pick to match this mood of mine…. A soothing song?? One that’ll make me sleep??? Or should I go for an upbeat one? One that’ll get me up and moving?? Hm……. what shall I post????

So I’ve decided to pick a song called 我愛你 by 盧廣仲 Crowd Lu (also known as Vitas Lu). I love this song of his!!! Its so good!! I’ve not picking this song because of the lyrical contents by just because I really like the melody and how the song is put together!! Love it!!! Ok so I like the lyrics too but its not the lyrics that are suiting my mood, its the melody!! This song makes me sway and I WILL sing along to it!!!

Enjoy x


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