Day 14: A TV Show You’re Currently Addicted To

At the moment I’m currently really loving the Taiwanese drama 鍾無艷 Zhong Wu Yen, I’m a little behind, so it means I have a few episodes on hand to watch ^____^

Its actor 明道 Ming Dao’s ‘comeback’ drama, he has been away from the Taiwan drama series since 2009 when he was in the idol drama 敲敲愛上你 Knock Knock Loving You. Since then he has ventured into the Chinese (China) entertainment industry.

鍾無艷 also stars actress 楊謹華 Cheryl Yang, whose drama includes  敗犬女王 My Queen. The second male lead is actor 吳慷仁 Chris Wu, who first came on to the scene as the second male lead in his first drama 下一站, 幸福 Autumn’s Concerto, which was a massive hit (I loved him in it… hes gorgeous!!)

A re-imagining of the story of Zhong Wu Yan in which she lives in the 21st century. Wu Yen is intelligent and compassionate, but she lacks one thing that her fiancé really cares about: Beauty. And despite her numerous success in saving him from being overthrown from his father’s company, he nonetheless prefers the beautiful Xia Ying Chun when dust settles. So it becomes a mystery to her friends and family as to why she still sticks around her good for nothing fiancé.

The drama doesn’t really have a intense storyline and you could probably predict what is going to happen, but there is something about it that I really like!!!


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