I’m Now Back and Up and Running!!!!

Wooooooooooo will finally be back posting again!! This doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to do, I still have loads to do but I’ll manage for now!!

Work got really tiring for me, so much so that I started to lose it a little!! I’m normally on top of things but on one occasion a member of staff had called in and spoke to myself to say that she was ill. But then next day I had completely forgot about it and when others asked me if she called in or not I said no….. and thought she had gone AWOL!!!

I couldn’t believe my mistake!!! It was very unlike me!!! A lot of people couldn’t believe either, with one of the managers saying ‘its not like you, you’re usually on top of things’. Yes I was starting to lose it!!

Enough of that, I’m now feeling a whole lot better!!!

I was just chatting to my friend Ka Ho on facebook and he mentioned about starting some sort of ‘A Photo A Day’ for the year 2011. I thought that was quite a good idea!!! So I may try it LOL but I highly doubt you’ll get a photo a day from me!!



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