Singles vs Couples

Singles vs Couples

Does it annoy you when a friend of yours goes from being single to being in a relationship and then disappears from the face of the earth??? Because it annoys the hell out of me!!!

I’m pretty sure when I was in a relationship I didn’t just disappear but kept that friendship going…..

A close friend of mine and recently got a girlfriend, yes I understand that he may not be able to see or do as much with me like before but to completely disappear is a little over the top no?

No replies to texts, or phone calls…. so in the end I just give up and then I get the ‘HEY how come you don’t come and see me any more’!!! WTF!!!! You’re the one that disappeared!! OK I’ll say this once I’m not jealous, he is a good friend and I want him to be happy and blah blah but don’t just disappear and ditch a friendship!!!




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