Day 23: 15 Facts About You

I’m going to say this now: I’m sorry!!! Because I am likely going to bore you with these 15 facts as I’m quite a boring person…..


  1. My name is Selina
  2. I’m Female
  3. From London
  4. As you can tell of Chinese background
  5. I work as an administrator for a big retail company
  6. I am the eldest child in my family.
  7. My knowledge on Kpop is impressive (well I would say!)
  8. I’m a fangirl of Big Bang (Kpop group)
  9. I’m an Otaku (yes I LOVEEEEE anime and manga!!)
  10. I have an impressive One Piece figurine collection.
  11. I’ve had 3boyfriends (well those that I would consider bfs) in my life.
  12. I think I have fallen in love only once (funny thing is, it wasn’t any of my exes!)
  13. I’ve become an easy crier…. I get teary eyed at anything!!!
  14. I’m a romantic
  15. I’m a nice person but I can be a complete bitch!



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