Day Seven: The Devil’s Medicine

Sorry this one is a little late, but I’m feeling like crap at the moment!!!

This winter has been pretty pants, its the winter where it seems everyone is getting ill!!! I have a good immune system so I’ll only ever get a bad common cold and a cough pretty much once a year sometime during winter!!!

Yes that time has come and I’ve gotten a cold a pretty bad one… Border line flu.
I think its due to my new work place, I start ridiculously early which means I have to leave the house around 5am!!! The mornings are cold… Very cold…

Let’s get back to my picture…. This is thje medicine everyone takes for the flu!!! Why? Because it is good… But Night Nurse is the devils medicine!!!!! Its the worse thing everrrrr, I was starting to feel betterr yesterday and thought lemme improve it by taking night nurse. What happened??? I woke up feeling worse!!! That stuff made me feel like CRAP!!! So never again!!! Day Nurse is pretty good so I’ll take that…. But who wants my leftover Night Nurse pills???? Lol


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