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C AllStar: Cpop’s Newest Star?

2010 saw Cantonese Pop bring out a new group C AllStar. Of recently years I’ve not been a big fan of canto pop as in my eyes a lot of artists (if that’s what you call them) are just not good singers… they don’t even need to be good at least hold a note, but unfortunately most can’t even do that.
I prefer the oldies such as Jacky Cheung, Sammie Cheng, Leo Ku and etc. Yes these artists are active but they’re not new meat.
The newer artists in my Canto selection are artists such as Raymond Lam and G.E.M to name a few (seriously a few), I know they’re not new but to me they are new meat.

So C AllStar, a four member boy group made up of members King, Jase, On仔 and 釗峰 are an A cappella group (taken from their wiki page).

There is only so much I can blog from my blackberry.