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Day Twelve: Music Keeps Me Going

This is all I need at work!!! My MP3 and speakers!! Seriously… I work so much better with music, well who doesn’t?


Day Eleven: Fake Fake Fake

A member of staff took in a fake £20 note!!!!!

Day Ten: Wrapping Up Warm

Been feeling a little under the weather lately…. So I’m taking no chances with these early morning starts!!

Day Nine: One A Day

One A Day Keeps The Bed Bugs Away…

Ok so that isn’t the say but that was the first thing that popped into my head!!! But you all know what I mean right??

I have a really good immune system but like I mentioned before, with my early starts I just don’t think it was prepared for it so I’m going to help it out with a little boost!

Day Eight: Mac Haul – Cham Pale

I’m a Mac Cosmetics lover!!! Especially when it comes to limited collections!!!

But for the last few I didn’t get anything as it had started to get a little boring… A little too similar to other stuff I have or stuff they’ve released before!!!

But when I saw it I knew I’d be getting things from the collection!!! Swatched and a mini review will follow soon

Day Seven: The Devil’s Medicine

Sorry this one is a little late, but I’m feeling like crap at the moment!!!

This winter has been pretty pants, its the winter where it seems everyone is getting ill!!! I have a good immune system so I’ll only ever get a bad common cold and a cough pretty much once a year sometime during winter!!!

Yes that time has come and I’ve gotten a cold a pretty bad one… Border line flu.
I think its due to my new work place, I start ridiculously early which means I have to leave the house around 5am!!! The mornings are cold… Very cold…

Let’s get back to my picture…. This is thje medicine everyone takes for the flu!!! Why? Because it is good… But Night Nurse is the devils medicine!!!!! Its the worse thing everrrrr, I was starting to feel betterr yesterday and thought lemme improve it by taking night nurse. What happened??? I woke up feeling worse!!! That stuff made me feel like CRAP!!! So never again!!! Day Nurse is pretty good so I’ll take that…. But who wants my leftover Night Nurse pills???? Lol

Day Six: Extra Fine

Popped into M&S during lunch today, only because I felt like I wanted something sweet…. Saw this and thought hmmm maybe I’ll try it.

And its sooooo yummy!!! Very nice!! I’m not a big chocolate fan but this is nice!