Henry and Crepe

Went Westfield on thursday for no reason at all….. takes me about 30minutes to get there by train. Met my sister [after she finished uni] at Clapham Junction and went from there, we pretty much only went Westfield for a walk about LOL. Went into a store called REDS and saw a mini Henry vacuum!! It took one look and I bought it…. yes an impluse by >__<

Mini Henry

Mini Henry

Was pretty excited… but when I got home and opened it up I noticed the batteries go into the ‘lid’ the top half of Henry (the black bit) but the hose bit is connected to the bottom half (red bit) and thought ‘how is it gonna work!!!’

Then I took off the lid and pushed the open button and it you can hear the vacuuming sounds…. but its just the lid….. HOW IS IT GONNA VACUUM!!! (I hope I do make sense to you) Well its pants I’m going to return it!!!!

The only good thing about going to Westfield was I had a Crepe for Crepe Affaire!!! It was yummy! I had the Bananalious with Buttersotch emmmmmmmm



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