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Stalker Mode….

Ok, so my spies tell me that a member from an idol group that brings out the FAN GIRL in me has hopped on to a plan yesterday to England….. So I’m guessing London [why would anyone want to go any where else in England!!] ^___^ and London just happens to be my home town!!!

So I may just do some ‘Selective Walking’ tomorrow and try my luck LOL hahahahaha I hope you are not taking me seriously!! As I really won’t be doing any selective walking!!! Yes I will be going to all the hot spots in London: the high st, designer and vintage hot spots…. BUT I AM NOT STALKING OR DOING ANY SELECTIVE WALKING!!! I REPEAT I will not be stalking or do anything a crazy fan girl would!! I am just doing what I usually do and thats just going everywhere in London ^____^





This blog is based on what I did on friday…. Well more like what I cooked for dinner.

My parents went to a friend’s BBQ on friday meaning dinner would not be served, so as usual I cooked. I hate getting take out or fast food as a replacement just because my mummy is not here to cook!!!! I thought ‘hm… what can I make that I can bring to work the next day as well’ [yes I hate buying lunch when at work… such a waste of money!!]. I decided to make Hanbaagus!!! [a Japanese hamburger].

Went out to quickly buy the mince, as there wasn’t any at home, but when I got to the supermarket there was only one box of beef mince left!!! I wanted two boxes! So I just got a box of pork mince too LOL Decided to just mix the two meats. Also bought some lettuce, red cabbage, red pepper and some other stuff from the green grocers [a lot cheaper than at the supermarket and it makes so much more!!]

Got home and around 6pm I started to cook…. By about 7.20 dinner was served!! I had my hanbaagu with salad though my siblings had it with chips ¬_____¬

Heres a lovely pic!

Another picture with sauce! The Hanbaagu looks a bit dry in the above picture LOL


Its a Chunou Sauce with mushrooms and a swirl of Japanese Mayo!! hm….. Like it but too much of the Mayo is not good for you!!!



Bored, Tired and Slight Sleepy

Its feels like I’ve not blogged in a while…. [don’t know if you guys reading (if anyone is reading lol) have noticed but I do not blog on a weekend, well thats because I work most weekends and then I tend to go out after so no time to blog]

Worked a few extra days this week as we were short on management staff closing the store [or you could say the SM doesn’t like to close alone LOL]. Managing the ladieswear floor for a few days was not bad but I don’t think I could ever do it full-time, every once in a while doesn’t seem too bad [then again its all the basic stuff]. Let me re-phrase that I DO NOT EVER OR INTEND TO SETTLE INTO THAT PATH!!! It made me miss being on the shop floor, cracking jokes with the staff and just chatting with those other than management LOL

The weather has been FANTASTIC this week!! Its so sunny and warm but not too hot, just the way I like!! But I hate the fact that I have bad eye sight!! If I want to wear sunglasses in goes the contacts and after 8 or 9 hours wearing them my eyes go dry >__< plus the tire my eyes, but what can I do? [yes I know laser, but I don’t plan to do that yet, maybe in a year or two]

I’ve taken some new pictures the other day [yes me being quite vain, though I suppose I have nothing to be vain about >.<] In this particular picture I quite like my eyes! Mind you my eyes are my favourite part of the body [well some times I also think ‘hey my lips look quite nice today as well]

Raving It Up At TSQ

Friday night and friends decided they wanted to go clubbing, they just wanted to dance!! For some reason it was settled on what I call Dry Square [Thai Square] I hadn’t been since New Years Eve [Thats a completely different story of how we ended up there] and I was quite sceptical about it but then again its about the company you’re with.

Vay, Eric and I had gone to Sports cafe first had a very drinks and two shots each before heading to the club to meet peter. Got in around 12/12.30ish and surprisingly the music was really good!!! Played some good House/Techno stuff [which I love raving to]. I was just about to go toilet and then I heard a familiar beat….. IT WAS THE INTRO TO BIG BANG’S LAST FAREWELL!!! I was thinking noooo it can’t be….. BUT OH YES IT WAS!!!!! I was like WICKEDDDDD, was so excited!! [probably more than anyone else in the club]. A few others of my friends joined us and we just raved it up till the end!

[NOTE pics will come later I’m pretty tired atm!]

P.S I just laughed so hard!!! Coughing and all sorts now lol

Here are some pictures I promised!

Some of the guys and Sel. The Guys minus Chee  Ching, Eric and Lisa    At the end of the Night!! Eric and Peter I have no idea what they are doing!!!

A Date Has Been Set

So the date is set and the countdown beings NOW!