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Catch Up With Some Dinner

After months of planning, a date was finally set and agreed upon. No it wasn’t a big event just a dinner with some old school friends. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Well it wasn’t, there was never a good time as some of us were either broke or it was a timing issue. Some could do weekends while others couldn’t.
Well all that matters now was that it happened.
We ended up going to a restaurant called Palm Court Brasserie in Covent Garden [I had up that suggestion on the table as I had vouchers for it]. I had been there once before with other friends just before the new year and had a nice time. This time, didn’t disappoint either. The food was just as nice, and the atmosphere was great, but – suppose that was largely due to the company I was with.
We just chatted away, it was great!! Talking about old school times, it felt as though it had just happened the day before but it was actually quite a few years ago. Oh how time just flies.
I hope our next meet up doesn’t take as long as the last one.


Say Hello To My BB9700

My first blog directly from my BB! How great is this!!
I’m on my lunch from work at the moment and just wanted to test out wordpress’ application for Blackberries. Wanted to see how good is it, and so far is pretty good, pretty easy to use!
This is my lovely friend and workmate!!


Usually I don’t really have dreams [it’s either that or I don’t remember] but when I do, I do remember them though. Like last night for instance, I had a few dreams…. or should I say a few scenarios.

1) I was on my way to buy bread and had bumped into a quite few people and we were just chatting, can’t be sure who I bumped into the faces were a blur [either that or I don’t remember].

2) I was a member of the production team for 下一站,幸福 Autumn’s Concerto [taiwanese idol drama], and we were filming the scene where  梁小樂 [played by child actor 小小彬] was chasing the car of 任光晞 [for those who have watched the drama I’m sure you’ll know what scene I’m on about!] and I was crying my eyes out!!!

3) I was running down a block/flight or stairs, and my friend Mister Pang was either chasing me or we were racing LOL [he is the only face I remember, that was someone I knew in real life], this whole segment of the dream I was talking in chinese though….

4) and finally I was just floating and loads of scenes just flashed in front of me, like I was watching TV or something…..

So that concludes what I dreamt last night.

Oh I now have a lovely Blackberry 9700!!!! I will be able to blog a lot more now [on the go], so its likely there will be more short posts but more posts overall!! ^____^

Rainie & Love

My loveable 楊丞琳/Rainie Yang’s new song for her drama 海派甜心 Hi My Sweetheart is GREAT!!!! I absolutley love the song!!!! Rainie should always singe ballads she is great at them!!!! Her fast pop songs are a little pooey, though I’ve heard some of the tracks on the album leaked on youtube and some of the pop songs wasn’t that bad this time. Though her ballads still rock!!

This song is called 雨愛 Rain Love and it is the ending song to the drama.

Enjoy the lovely song!!! I know I do!!!

Hyun Ahhhhhh -___________-

I hate to have my first post of 2010 be a horrible one, but I can’t help it. I’ve just read a ‘post’ on about 4Minute’s Hyun Ah‘s solo single, entitled ‘Change’.

[Note: I know I’ve going to get a lot of comments saying I’m wrong or just a lot of unintelligent, unthought through comments, but if I am honest I don’t really care. This is my opinion and my blog and I shouldn’t have to hold back]

 The reason why this is my first post of 2010 is that when I first read the ‘post’ it almost made me pee myself!!!! It was that funny!!!  It was this sentence that made me laugh:

“This track shows off HyunA’s vocal talents in both rapping and singing, and I’m sure that many fans will be delighted by the fact that the entire track has no signs of auto-tune.”

I’m sorry but no auto-tune?????? The song is completely auto-tuned!!!! Do people know the definition of auto-tune? I think people are getting it mixed up with all the digitalised stuff thats been a big hit recently, yes that is a form of auto-tune but it isn’t just that.  Here is a definition courtesy of Wikipedia:

“Auto-Tune uses a phase vocoder to correct pitch in vocal and instrumental performances. It is used to disguise off-key inaccuracies and mistakes, and has allowed singers to perform perfectly tuned vocal tracks without the need of singing in tune.”


We all know Hyun Ah isn’t very good at singing live [you may wish you argue this point but you will not change my view and please do not give me any of the ‘oh its because you’re jealous’ crap]. You may also wish to say I should wait for the live before I say anything…. I think I’ve said it before in a previous post but I’m pretty good at this stuff and from the stuff Hyun Ah has done in 4Minute [live stuff] there is nothing to prove to me she is good at live.

Also when she does perform this song, I suspect she won’t be singing a lot either, she most likely just be dancing [something she should stick to, since she is good at it]

Well enjoy the song, I must say it is a good song and catchy too but it a far cry from what Hyun Ah really sounds like now, she has a really annoying tone to her voice [something she didn’t use to have prior to 4Minute], hey maybe she has lost that annoying tone now that it’s just her on her own, I guess I’ll find out when she does do the live!



I have now watched Hyun Ah’s performance of Change and has my mind changed about her? No, though I do correct myself as I had said I thought she wouldn’t ‘sing’ [not quite sure if sing is the word as it didn’t sound like she sung more like talked] a lot of the song but she did as you can clearly hear when she was and when she was not [not quite sure if thats a good thing or not].

The first minute or so I thought ‘hey shes not that bad’ but as it went on it got worse. Around the 2.55 mark it was terrible, I’ve read comments giving excuses for her out of breathlessness due to dancing…. I ‘m not accepting it, she is a performer and if her company is going to give her a song with a dance routine she should have prepared well. I’ve read a comment saying if you compare it to when CL of 2NE1 raps/sings, she doesn’t dance a lot so of course she is going to sound better. Let me remind you YG isn’t a compare known for its big dance routines, plus I think it is because they know what their artists are capable of and if they can’t dance and sing at the same time, they’ll choreograph it so that their artists don’t have to.

 I think the big problem I have with Hyun Ah is her tone her of, I hate it. Its very squeeky, want to be child like. If you’re a follower or a fan go back to the Hot Issue song of 4minutes remember how annoying Hyun Ah sounded in that, I had thought she was just going to sound like that for that song but no thats is how she sounds like.

Hello 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed 2009 and I hope you enjoy 2010 more!!!!