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Flying Away…

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO after months of planning [yea right], I’m flying out on holiday today!!! I haven’t been on holiday for a year or two now…. but this is a trip I need, its been an eventful year and I just need a break.

Though I not might sure if it will be a ‘break’, this holiday can just be as eventful O___o, considering all thats happened before the holiday.

My suitcase is still opening, I’m still somewhat deciding what to take and what not to, its like I want to bring enough clothes but then I don’t because I may want to buy out there, but that wasn’t the plan. Well so far I’ve packed 6sets of outfits, should be enough for the 18 days I’m gone right? You know mix and match it…. HAHAHAHAHA Sounds a little trampy, but I don’t think I care LOL

My mum wants me to bring her home a karaoke machine, typical isn’t it? We have 3 karaoke machines already…… yet she wants another, I do admit the ones we have at the moment aren’t that good and the one she wants me to get looks pretty good. Auh well I’ll see, as I’m not going to go out of my way to get it.

Ok I’m going to go now, need to put some more songs on my mp3 and finish packing ^____^

Blog soon x



New Hair Cut!!!!

Well its not really new as I’ve had this style before, butI did indeed have a hair cut today!!

Here are some pictures. sorry if they’re not really clear!!!:


[right side]

[left side]

Front face, its a really crap picture because I took it on my webcam.

MBC’s Soul/Hon/혼/魂

I’ve been catching up on Korean Drama Soul [broadcasted by MBC], just watched episode 6 [yes I’m quite behind in watching it] and the part where Yoo Yun Suk [who plays Baek Joong Chan, the school bully] looks like he is just waving his hands from his face, but he is actually moving the ghost’s hair from his face. So of course to everyone else it just looks like he is just hitting thin air.

Doesn’t that bit just remind you of the 2004 Thai horror film Shutter?? [no not the crap hollywood remake].

For those who don’t know the movie [do not read if you plan to watch the movie, contains spoilers]

After celebrating at a drinking party with his closest friends in Bangkok, Tun (Ananda Everingham), a photographer, and his girlfriend, Jane (Natthaweeranuch Thongmee), get into a car accident. Jane hits a girl but Tun does not allow her to get out of the car and the couple drive away, leaving the girl lying in the road.

Tun begins to discover mysterious shadows on his photographs, leading Jane to believe that the girl who they hit on the road is haunting them. Tun, who has been experiencing severe neck pains since the accident, dismisses the idea, though Tun’s friends are also being haunted by this mysterious girl.

Jane begins to investigate and discovers that the girl was Natre (Achita Sikamana), a shy girl who had attended studied the same college as Tun. After confronting Tun, Tun admits that he and Natre were in a relationship, which Tun had kept secret from his friends. Natre threatened to commit suicide when Tun broke off the relationship.

Tun starts to be haunted by Natre’s ghost so he and Jane visit Natre’s mother, where they find the decaying body of Natre in her bedroom, learning that Natre had committed suicide. Back in Bangkok, Tun’s friend, Tan, commits suicide, jumping from his apartment balcony. Tun discovers that his two other close friends from college have also committed suicide. Believing that they have been coerced into doing so by Natre’s ghost, Tun becomes convinced that he will be next.

Natre’s ghost appears in Tun’s apartment one night, and the chain of events culminate with Tun surviving a fall from the fire escape ladder outside his building. Natre’s funeral is held the following day, after which Jane hopes that everything will return to normal.

However, on returning to Bangkok Jane collects some photographs. One of the films shows a series of shadowy images of Natre in Tun’s apartment, trying to find something on the bookcase. Investigating further, Jane finds a set of negatives hidden behind the bookcase. She develops the negatives to find photographs in which Tun’s friends are sexually assaulting Natre. Disgusted by what she has found, and feeling betrayed by his lies, she leaves Tun.

Realising that he is still haunted by her ghost, Tun takes a series of Polaroid photographs in his apartment in an attempt to find Natre. Having no success, he throws the camera across the room in a rage, only for it to go off, taking a photograph of Tun. The Polaroid develops, showing Natre sitting on Tun’s shoulders, the cause of his ongoing neck pain. In the ensuing confrontation Tun jumps from the window, trying to escape.

However, Tun again survives the fall. Jane visits him in hospital, where Tun is in a critical condition. As the door to his room swings shut, Tun’s reflection can be seen in the glass. Natre is still sitting on his shoulders.

credits: wikipedia


Let Me Clear This Up

Following my earlier blog entitled “The One Where….Dara Fans Are A Disgrace to 2NE1“, I just felt I should clear some things up. Maybe it’s because some people were starting to get the wrong idea of the blog.

It was more of a rant, I know there are a lot of people who actually dislike Dara but at the time of the rant [blog] it was solely my opinion on defensive Dara fans. Not about antis or critics. I wanted to somewhat open peoples minds and ears that as much as you may like Dara there is no need to be rude to those who do not like her. Whatever the reason maybe there should be no need to be rude. I am not saying I support those who speaking negatively about Dara but I don’t have to always agree with those who defend her. As long as I know I support her I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Yes its  not nice reading something negative about an artist you like but attacking with comments that are personal is just not nice.

I see the ‘you’re jealous because Dara is talented and you’re not’ or the ‘just because Dara is famous and you’re not’.

Tell me what is the definition of Talent? The person who can:

  1. Sing and dance
  2. Play 5 different instruments
  3. A successful accountant
  4. A mathematical Genius

So tell me? I would say all are talented, talented in their own way. Because one person cannon sing and dance does not make them talentless.

In regards to the ‘Dara is famous and your not’. I actually think that I am a better singer that quite a few artists in this world, such as Dara [yes I do think I am LOL], HyunAh, Sohee, Twins, Hotcha [and pretty much most HK singers], but I’m not famous…. why? because I do not strive to be famous, becoming famous or a celebrity is not what I want to do.

I’m just using myself and an example. There are people in the world who do NOT STRIVE TO BE FAMOUS.

Ok so another negative post about things relating to Dara you may really start to think I don’t like her LOL. No she is not my fav in 2NE1 [Park Bom and CL are] but I do like her and I do see the purpose of her being in the group.

I do agree, if she wasn’t in the group, 2NE1 might be a little dull, yes Park Bom is funny but she isn’t openly funny [I didn’t know how funny she could be until I watched her on 2NE1 TV]. Dara likes to be funny [somewhat like the class clown], she likes to do gags which of course would be a hit on korean TV. It’s a shame 2NE1 doesn’t go on variety shows because sending out Dara to the shows would gain them some good exposure.


Going Insane……. Well Not Really

Haven’t blogged in a while because I have been really really really busy with work, been getting quite a bit of overtime, well I love. I don’t mind what I do, I like the people [well most] that I work with, so its all good.

I’m going on holiday in just over a weeks time with friends and everything is all booked up, flights and hotels BUT…… well we had wanted to go for thailand for around 2nights and 3days, but just looking through our schedule it would be a tight squeeze and thought it would be better if we didn’t go as it would not be worth going for only 1night. Problem is that our hotel in Hong Kong [we’re going to China+Hong Kong] is booked a two nights short of our stay now. Couldn’t extend it as the hotel had no more rooms, so most [with the exception of one] had decided to stay the remaining two nights in a hostel instead of finding another hotel. Well since it was I, myself who booked the hotel, I had let everyone know that we were unable to stay in the same place for the remaining two nights and had also said I would check out some hostels but I didn’t expect it to mean I was now solely responsible for finding us a hostel. To be honest I don’t mind, what I mind is that I get no feedback, I put out suggestions but nothing comes back, I don’t even know if they’ve looked at the email I sent. I send texts and get no reply, I now feel what you felt, I feel your pain, of course to a lesser degree. Luckily I didn’t treat you that way did I, so I can’t really say ‘what comes around goes around’.

Anyhow I think I’ve found a really lovely place to stay [hope you want to join us too], lets hope a get feedback from this otheriwse I’ve just going to book it!!!!!! I MEAN IT!!!!

Below are just some pictures of the place…. quite nice isn’t it?