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Day 23: 15 Facts About You

I’m going to say this now: I’m sorry!!! Because I am likely going to bore you with these 15 facts as I’m quite a boring person…..


  1. My name is Selina
  2. I’m Female
  3. From London
  4. As you can tell of Chinese background
  5. I work as an administrator for a big retail company
  6. I am the eldest child in my family.
  7. My knowledge on Kpop is impressive (well I would say!)
  8. I’m a fangirl of Big Bang (Kpop group)
  9. I’m an Otaku (yes I LOVEEEEE anime and manga!!)
  10. I have an impressive One Piece figurine collection.
  11. I’ve had 3boyfriends (well those that I would consider bfs) in my life.
  12. I think I have fallen in love only once (funny thing is, it wasn’t any of my exes!)
  13. I’ve become an easy crier…. I get teary eyed at anything!!!
  14. I’m a romantic
  15. I’m a nice person but I can be a complete bitch!



Day 22: Photos of Your Recently Holiday

Oh gosh my last holiday was over a year ago now!!!! I have no been away since!!!!!!!

In Hong Kong with friends Oct 2009

Day 21: A Photo of Something That Makes You Happy

You Guys… my Friends!!!

I know what we don’t always see each other, always talk to each other but when we do you feel that connection!


(note: this isn’t my picture)

Day 20: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

海闊天空 A Boundless Limit

No its not named after the Beyond song 闊天空. Though I do love that song!!! Its a classic in Chinese/Cantonese rock.

闊天空 literally means Ocean wide Sky Clear, which I suppose is pretty much the term ‘The Sky is your limit’. Its life, there should be no boundaries, everything should be possible as long as you want it for be. So don’t hold back and just go for it!!

Day 19: Another Picture of Yourself

Took this picture about a month ago….. and its become one of my favourite pictures, I think I look very pretty in the picture hahahahaha

I know it sounds vain but I don’t think I’m really pretty, average looking (I wouldn’t say I’m ugly but I don’t think pretty is the word!).

Eyes Wide Open

Don’t blink because I’m standing in front of you now, blink and you miss me for the final time.

I’ve moved on many times but you keep dragging me close only to disappoint me.

No more games, know what you want because although it’ll hurt I can just be friends, its ok, you don’t owe me anything. We’re grown ups, we knew the rules.

You’re special and I want you in my life but if its too hard, let’s just say goodbye.


Singles vs Couples

Singles vs Couples

Does it annoy you when a friend of yours goes from being single to being in a relationship and then disappears from the face of the earth??? Because it annoys the hell out of me!!!

I’m pretty sure when I was in a relationship I didn’t just disappear but kept that friendship going…..

A close friend of mine and recently got a girlfriend, yes I understand that he may not be able to see or do as much with me like before but to completely disappear is a little over the top no?

No replies to texts, or phone calls…. so in the end I just give up and then I get the ‘HEY how come you don’t come and see me any more’!!! WTF!!!! You’re the one that disappeared!! OK I’ll say this once I’m not jealous, he is a good friend and I want him to be happy and blah blah but don’t just disappear and ditch a friendship!!!