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I’m the Big Bad Wolf, The Super Bitch

Originally I wanted to go into a massive story of what happened at work recently, it has escalated in to something really stupid and all because of one full-grown adult who is being petty, acting childish and lying.

That adult well in to her 20s [and I don’t mean early 20s] is making it out, that I ganged up on her and I’m basically the bitch!! HA.HA

I just have to say I took charge because nothing was getting done, and when I took over did it and confirmed in two days and I only did what the majority of the staff wanted.


Ok ok thats not very nice, but I’m actually a very nice person I just don’t like vindictive people. Just because I’m a nice person it doesn’t mean you can try and walk over me because I will attack and you don’t want to mess with me, especially as I have done no wrong, I have no bad leg [疼腳] for you to pull.


Too Many Choices

I have always planned to go aboard to teach english for a year or so, especially with te economy doing so bad, I’m finding it really hard to find a full-time job. So initially I thought, “hey this is perfect I go away for a year come back and hopefully the economy will be better and the year I was away that could help me make my CV standout a little.

As nature would have its way, things just never worked out like the way I planned or would have liked it to be. The year of 2008/2009 was not a very nice one, all it takes is one very important thing to happen and everything is changed.

I suppose all I had to do was just delay my plans, but now may get the full-time job I had been looking for….. not my ideal job but something to start me off. What should I do? Still do what I have always wanted to? Which is go aboard and teach english. Or look at the long-term effect and start my career.

If you was to ask do I have a special interest in teaching english I would say no, but by going aboard It would give me the opportunity to live aboard, in a completely foreign country and experience a completely different culture to what I am used to. Rather than a career enhancing path this is a lifetime opportunity and life enhancing path.

So what should I do?

Living an Illusion

Been watching 富貴門 – Born Rich and 郭可盈 – Kenix Kwok’s character Angie is you know a madwoman LOL

Well she is a woman [the character that is] who has been greatly affected by love, she has fallen in love and then dumped by love. It was something she just couldn’t get over and it kind of drove her a little loony, then she created an illusion that in her mind everything was ok, the way she wanted it to be. If she could have at least that everything will be fine.

What I want to talk about isn’t an illusion about a love relationship but an illusion in general, whether it’s about a relationship, work life, studies or anything else.

How many of us [I would probably say a lot] would create an illusion in our minds of what we would prefer to happen, or what we want reality to be.

I know that I have on numerous occasions ‘thought’ about what if this had happened or if it was this. Not to avoid reality but just out of curiosity, I think everyone has these moments and of course what our minds think will always have a good ending.

So is living an illusion in your mind really that bad? I suppose it isn’t only if you KNOW that is only an illusion, and what is the real reality. There should be no harm right? of course but then how many of us can actually do that? I think there are more of us out there that can’t separate the two, as our illusions are so perfect that you just want if to be real.

To end [I know I brought up quite a strong topic and just ended it] I think our minds is one of the scariest things in this world. Not the scariest as that is Money [I will come on to that later].

Utada Hikaru London Gig SOLD OUT!!!!! O_____o

Upon hearing that Utada Hikaru will have a London date among her tour dates, I was pretty much excited as well as surprised!! The tour is predominately in America and then you have the random gig in London!!! Of course the first thing I said was “I’m THERE” [as in I’ll be there], I wasn’t going to miss it!! I love Utada [yes I abuse the word love quite a bit don’t I?] I’ve been a fan of hers for a long long time, back from when ‘First Love’ came out from the Drama [it was an OST], yes I was still pretty young then and didn’t understand a single word in the song but I liked the melody.

It will be weird seeing a hugely popular asian artist speak in perfect english [yes I know she was born in america], as you kind of expect artist big in asia to speak in broken english LOL

Though she’ll be playing her english stuff I really do hope she adds a few japanese classics in to the tracklist for the gig!

Feburary 12th 2012…. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Oh I forgot to say the gig SOLD OUT!!!! I’m actually really really surprised!!! The gig wasn’t really promoted and it was really only online blogs and communities that knew of the London gig!!! WOOOOOO Well I have my ticket!!



TaeYang – Wedding Dress

TaeYang’s Wedding Dress music video came out today and do I love it? Well of course I do!!! How can you not!! [Yes I am in fan girl mode so whatever you say won’t matter to me].

Ok ok lets be fair now, Wedding Dress is a really nice easy to listen song. I really like the melody, the piano part and then the beat in the background does goes well.

Do I prefer it to Where U At? Well yes I do, Where you at was too, how should I say it ‘common’? No that doesn’t sound right, more like songs in that type of field sound similar. Not saying Wedding Dress sounds one of a kind, but it s more of its own song. I really do like the piano part, its not just in the background supporting the other sounds, its the other sounds supporting the piano part. Its just a really nice song, TaeYang has a great voice, not that the song particular shows off his vocal as I think he so much more to give, vocal wise.

Lets talk about the music video, it actually has a proper story to it. What I mean by that is that not many YG videos habe a clear cut story, this one does and its a good one too. You’re typical 3friends [two guys and a girl], of course both guys like the girl but only one gets the girl.

In the first half of the video you see scenes of TaeYang and the girl, thinking it is past memories of their good times, but as the music video progresses you realise it was never their past memories of the good times, of the times when the were together/as a couple. As the other male friend is actually there too, so it ended up being of times of them hanging out as friends [though the other guy and girl were probably together]. So its pretty much a one sided love from TaeYang, though through the scenes you could feel he always wanted to take their friendship a step further but the other guy always came into the scene, stealing this thunder.

How well will the song do? I’m hoping it will do as good as ‘Only Look at Me’ but the competitiveness of the market is ridiculous at the moment and with 2PM making a comeback during the same time maybe TaeYang will forever get number2. Though if I am honest, even though I like 2PM  alot ‘Heartbeat’ isn’t really that good, even 10 out of 10 was better. Seriously it really isn’t, I didn’t like the rap at the start, the melody wasn’t strong enough, the song didn’t allow the members to sing, and we know 2PM has singers who CAN sing.

credit: BabyB0ngaholic


Shinee, Do They Really Shine?

In my eyes no they do not, not by the quality of their songs at least. I think the only song I ever liked from Shinee was ‘Reply’ aka Noona You’re so Pretty. After that all other songs sounded just like each other.

Then came ‘Ring Ding Dong’, Oh my Dayz!!!! [I’m going to expect some hate with this comment] But in my opinion the song is TRASH!!! I have never heard anything so crap before, especially from an Idol group!!! Yet they still win the Number 1 spot on some music shows….. Its like a pop version of a song Shaggy rejected!!! [Shaggy as in the Reggae singer/rapper]

What has the korean music industry become???? Are SM Ent so confident in Shinee that they can release trash and still make it a hit??? Of course the must be, it happened didn’t it!!!

Are SM now considering pushing Shinee up to the top now that DBSK are soon to split [its a rumor]?? Well if they are I don’t think they can carry on like this, giving Shinee crap songs to sing, it is a waste with a vocal like Kim Jong Hyun [he is the only one in Shinee I think can actually sing, I don’t like the rest].

Ok, no stupid comments please.


You’re Beautiful… You’re Beautiful… ITS TRUE!!!!

I had too!! I just had too!! James Blunt was the MAN with that song!! hahahaha

No don’t worry I’m not about to go into a James Blunt frenzy, I’m actually going to talk about another korean drama, an idol drama might I add, You’re Beautiful. Currently LOVING IT!!!!

Stars Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong KiJung Yong Hwa and UEE. I LOVEEEEE Park Shin Hye, loved her since seeing her in Stairway to Heaven, noticed her from that, I thought to myself ‘gosh that girl who plays young Choi Ji Wo, is so pretty!!’ Even since then I have watched the other series she has been in and also her movies.

Jang Geun Suk, noticed him from drama Hwan Jin Yi, it’s probably the series that got him popular too [what a great series it was too].

Well You’re Beautiful is about an idol group called A.N.Jell, their boss tells them that he has found another member to add into the group [much to leader JGS’s displeasing]. New member Go Mi Nam, with the advice from his manager goes to get a little surgery done and in true drama fashion it went horribly wrong. Mr.Manager now worrying goes to find Mi Nam’s twin little sister Go Mi Nyu to ask her to stand in his place until he is all fixed up! Of course she agrees, she is very naive but can you blame her?? She was brought up in a nunnery!! Well some of the A.N.Jell members find out quite early on and the rest you’ll just have to watch!!!!





I love Jung Yong Hwa who plays Kang Shin Woo!!! JYH is pretty damn good looking!!!! I love JGS but the character Kang Shin Woo is tooooooo AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. You know I’ve probably not felt this much love and hurt for a supporting actor in a ‘korean drama’ since Lee Jun Ki in My Girl. I kind of want PSH to go with JYH!!!! He is just sooooo lovely!! But in true drama fashion ‘The good guy never gets the girl.